Industrial Services

ASTACHLAS Gen. Cont. & Trading Est. distinguishes itself in the realm of industrial services by offering a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of sectors such as steel production, commercial ports, and oil and gas. With a core focus on operational efficiency and maintenance excellence, the company provides integrated services encompassing preventive and corrective maintenance, condition-based maintenance, breakdown and emergency services, and essential manpower support. ASTACHLAS excels in the intricate management of steel plant byproducts, including effective scrap and slag management, extracting value from non-metallic by-products while adhering to environmentally-controlled processes. Additionally, the company boasts fabrication facilities capable of delivering a wide range of products, from jackets and decks to steel structures and modules. ASTACHLAS' commitment to industrial sustainability is evident in its tailored services, adherence to safety protocols, and a dedicated workforce trained through an induction program, ensuring a safety-first approach across all operational facets.

Operation and Maintenance Services

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance/static equipment repairs
  • Condition Based Maintenance
  • Breakdown and Emergency Services
  • Manpower Support

Steel Plant Byproduct Management

  • Effectively managing your scrap to support a smooth operation.
  • Preparing furnace scrap charge and collecting internal scrap for processing, guaranteeing on-time delivery.
  • Recovering value from by-product i.e. by-product blending
  • Environmentally-controlled solutions

Fabrication Facilities

We have a complete set up to provide fabrication services. Our capability includes fabrication of jackets, decks, bridges, flares, manifolds, PLET’s and PLEM’s, pipe racks, piping spools, buildings, steel structures, tanks and modules.

Facilities Management

The central PMV Department monitors construction plant and equipment performance and availability with frequent site visits by experts to inspect the construction plant and give support where necessary.

Plant, Machinery and Vehicles

The company’s property and facility management provides end to end solutions for all services related to the management, maintenance, procurement, design, health and safety and environmental aspects of the built environment.

Procurement and Expediting

We have assigned departments which provides full range of professional procurement services to all company projects aimed at achieving the main objectives of procuring the project materials, equipment and services on time and to the specified quality

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