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ASTACHLAS Gen. Cont. & Trading Est. based in Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established by a group of experienced engineers from Steel, Port and Petroleum sector.

We are a leading diversified company carrying out construction, engineering, procurement and development activities Nationally. We are committed to provide reliable, amicable, and professional service to our valuable clients, and to being supportive to local businesses and social activities, being friendly to the environment as well as being proactive in the socioeconomic environment within which we operate.

Ethics and Integrity

ASTACHLAS is committed to provide reliable, amicable, and professional service to our valuable clients, and to being supportive to local businesses and social activities, being friendly to the environment as well as being proactive in the socioeconomic environment within which we operate.

ASTACHLAS has established norms under the Project Quality Control Plan and Quality Assurance Program which forms the base for developing the quality plan specific for each project. The Management of ASTACHLAS is committed to provide a safe and secure work environment to all od our employees. Personal safety and protection of property are the direct responsibility of all ASTACHLAS Gen. Cont. & Trading employees. Safety Awareness and Loss Prevention programs are the means to improve efficient operations. ASTACHLAS Gen. Cont. & Trading are adapting OSHA and safety standard to implement safety programs, ASTACHLAS Gen. Cont. & Trading also conducts employee shop safety training prior to assignment.

Our employees, regardless of their prior experience are required to attend the ASTACHLAS Induction Training for their Specific Task. Safety induction Course before being issued with a permanent site identity pass, to ensure their full awareness of existing / relevant safety requirements, potential hazards, rules and regulations associated with the job inside the plant. Success in this regard is realized through zero injuries, enabling us to return our employees safety back home which results in increased productivity.


We will continue its commitment to rendering integrity, moral ethics and punctuality in all services.


We intend to achieve total customer satisfaction through the improvement in our skills and abilities.


We uphold the importance of integrity, honesty, equality and fairness in all things that we do.


ASTACHLAS General Contstruction & Trading Est. is dedicated to providing quality Services and Product to our customers. We will strive to implement a long term relationship with our clients, based on safety, quality, timely service and an anticipation of their needs to help fulfill this mission, we will treat all employees fairly and involve them in the quality improvement process to insure responsiveness and cost effective work execution.


We aim to create practical and feasible solutions to each challenge we encounter in every project.


We honour our commitments to our clients in all aspects of business we do.


One of our important characteristics which drives us to know much about the future market demands.


The management of ASTACHLAS is committed to ensure clients entire satisfaction through fulfilling their requirements. We understand this is possible only through complying with established and adequate procedures, policies to quality, availability and safety. We are able to accept urgent requirements since our resources are fully capable to undertake any sensitive work irrespective of time constraint, in coordination with our well-established planning group.

Industrial Services: Steel Plant – Industrial & Commercial Port – Oil & Gas

  • Operation and Maintenance Services (Preventive/ Corrective/ Condition Base Maintenance, Breakdown and Emergency Services and Manpower Support)
  • Steel Plant Byproduct Management Services (Scrap Management and Slag Management)
  • Fabrication Facilities (Jackets, decks, bridges, flares, manifolds, PLET’s and PLEM’s, pipe racks, piping spools, buildings, steel structures, tanks and modules.)
  • Facilities Management
  • Plant, Machinery and Vehicles Support
  • Procurement and Expediting

Commercial Services - Mechanical & Civil Construction

  • Mechanical Work (Installation, Assembly, Fabrication, Painting, Insulation and Refractory Works)
  • Earthworks (Site Preparation, Soil Improvement, Embankments & Bunds and Water Reservoir & Channels)
  • Foundations (Static Equipment and Rotary Equipment, Rafts/Independent Foundations and Piling)
  • Structures/Buildings (Steel Frame Structures, RCC Frame Structure, RCC Shell Roof and Masonry Structure)
  • Building Management (Steel Frame Structures, RCC Frame Structure, RCC Shell Roof and Masonry Structures)

Quality Policy

ASTACHLAS Gen. Cont. & Trading Est. is dedicated to quality and continuous process improvement for both customers and employees. The Quality systems at ASTACHLAS Gen. Cont. & Trading Est. Matches one of the best in the Industry and we believe it will significantly contribute to its performance and growth. Our chief responsibility is to ensure that through established standards and measurements, the level of quality at ASTACHLAS Gen. Cont. & Trading Est. not only matches but exceeds our customer’s expectations.

We develop organizational excellence and quality awareness through innovative process improvements, training, measurements and development of customer and employee satisfaction programs. Quality is an integral part of our commitment to world-class products and customer services. For its fulfillment we manage our company with utmost professionalism Update our services with latest web technologies maintain the highest degree of professional and personal ethics Conduct internal quality audits Offer competitive rates and true value for money to our clients

Our Clients

Trusted by various organizations across Saudi Arabia.

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Maintaining contact and extending our services to customers outside of our immediate area is one of our objectives at Industrial Contracting .We are primarily engaged in providing complete civil, mechanical, electrical and fabrication solutions across a wide range of construction projects, Below are some List of fields in which we deal with:

Civil Works

All types of Electrical Products are available.

Electrical Works

Durable and Fancy Electrical Panel Boards.

Mechanical Works

Heavy Mechanical Construction Items.

Plant Shutdown and Maintenance

Gate, Globe, Check Valves, Butterfly Valves and Pipes.


Full line of proven leak-tight fittings and gauges.


Chemicals used for Water Proofing and in Construction.

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